Retaking Quizzes

By default, students may not retake Reading Practice Quizzes, Other Reading Quizzes, and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, and they may take Literacy Skills Quizzes three times. However, you can allow students to retake quizzes after a specified number of school years using the Quiz Retake Restrictions preference. This practice can help support students who are re-reading books.

The Quiz Retake Restrictions preference determines whether and when quizzes may be retaken in each class. You may choose not to allow quizzes to be retaken, or you may choose to allow them to be retaken after 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 school years (based on the start date of each school year). For more information about when retakes are allowed based on the preference settings, see Quiz Retake Restrictions Preference.

Even when retakes are not allowed, you can allow a student to retake a specific quiz in special circumstances by deactivating the previous quiz record.