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Accelerated Reader 360 help (article assignments)
Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
Accelerated Reader Bookguide
Accelerated Reader classes
Accelerated Reader overview
Adding a Teacher-Made Quiz
Adding certification goals
Adding Reading Practice goals
Advanced Reader certification
Article Quiz Availability preference
Article Quizzes
    hiding all articles and article quizzes from students
    hiding individual article quizzes from students
    passing percentage
    taking sample quiz (teachers)
    taking (students)
    viewing quizzes
    viewing student quiz results
Average book level goal
Average percent correct goal
Awarding points to multiple students in a class
Awarding points to one student


Beginning Reader, Student Reading Log
Biliteracy Report
Blocking students from quizzing
Book and article ideas for students
Book Labels Report
Book Level Restrictions preference
Book levels
    Average (calculation)
    Lexile®* measure
    Restrictions for quizzing
Books, favorite (ratings)
Books, how students rate
Bookshelf for students (My Completed Work)


Capabilities (permissions) for Accelerated Reader
Capacity (number of students who may quiz)
Certification goal
Certification Levels Report
    Advanced Reader
    Classic Reader
    Editing goal
    Honors Reader
    Independent Reader
    Ready Reader
    Record Book
    Rising Reader
    Setting goals
    Star Reader
    Super Reader
Chart, Goal-setting, Emerging Readers
Chart, Goal-setting, Independent Readers
Classes that use Accelerated Reader
Classic Reader certification
Contact Renaissance


Daily Check-In Record Sheet
Dates and Times for Accelerated Reader (preference)
Dates, editing for quiz records
Deactivating quiz records
Deactivation - best practices
Deleting certifications
Deleting goals
Diagnostic Dashboard (Independent Reading Diagnostic Report)
Diagnostic Report (Summary Diagnostic Report)


Editing certification goals
Editing students' quiz dates
Editing students' quiz scores
Email when students take a quiz (Renaissance Home Connect)
Emergent Reader, Student Reading Log
English language learners
Established Reader, Student Reading Log
Exemplar Reader certification


Favorite books, viewing


Getting started with Accelerated Reader
Goal History Report
Goal-Setting Chart, Emerging Readers
Goal-Setting Chart, Independent Readers
    Average book level goal
    Average percent correct goal
    Certification goals, setting
    Deleting reading practice goals
    Goal History Report
    Goal-setting best practices
    Goals Met Report
    Points goal
    Setting certification goals
    Setting Reading Practice goals using the goal models for grades 3+
    Setting Reading Practice goals using the K-2 goal model
    Students, viewing goals
Goals Met Report


Hiding articles
Hiding specific quizzes
Historical data file
Home Connect
Home Connect Email preference
Home Connect Send Home Letter
Honors Reader certification


Implementation Guide
Independent Reader certification
Independent Reading Diagnostic Dashboard
Interest level restrictions for quizzing
Interest levels


Knowledge Base


Labels, book
Language, quiz
Lexile® Goals preference
LG (Lower Grades interest level)
Librarians - tips for labeling books
Limits on student capacity
List, Words Learned
Literacy Skills Quizzes
    passing percentage
    sample quiz
    Skills Status Report
    Teacher's Guides
Locale Content Sets preference
Log, Student Reading - Beginning Reader
Log, Student Reading - Emergent Reader
Log, Student Reading - Established Reader
Log, Student Reading - Kindergarten Reader
Lower Grades interest level


Managing Quiz Results preference
Managing books and quizzes
Marking Period Progress Report
MG (Middle Grades interest level)
MG+ (Middle Grades Plus interest level)
Middle Grades interest level
Middle Grades Plus interest level
Missed questions, reviewing
Monitor password
Monitor Password Override for Book/Interest Level preference
Monitor Password - Reading Quizzes preference
More help


Open-book quizzing
Other Reading Quizzes
    passing percentage
    sample quiz
Other Reading series
Overview of Accelerated Reader


Parent guide
Parent Report
Passing Percent preference
Passing percentage
Password Requirement preference
Passwords before quizzes
Permissions and Accelerated Reader
Point Club Summary Report
    Awarding to multiple students in a class
    Awarding to one student
    Used, for a class
    Used, for one student
Practice Parent Report
    Article Quiz Availability
    Book Level Restrictions
    Dates and Times for Accelerated Reader
    Home Connect Email
    Interest Level Restrictions
    Lexile® Goals
    Locale Content Sets
    Manage Quiz Results
    Monitor Password Override for Book/Interest Level
    Monitor Password - Reading Quizzes
    Passing Percent
    Password Requirement
    Quiz Retake Restrictions
    Quiz Settings
    Recorded Voice
    Reading Goals Model
    Show Quiz Answers
    TWI Settings
Primary student experience in Accelerated Reader
Printing reports
Progress, students - viewing


Quiz List Report
Quiz questions and answers, reviewing
Quiz Retake Restrictions preference
Quiz Settings preference
Quiz Takers Dashboard
    Article Quizzes
    availability to students
    deactivating quiz records
    editing quiz dates
    editing quiz scores
    for other countries
    hiding from students
    Literacy Skills
    Other Reading
    passing percentage
    Reading Practice
    Recorded Voice
    taken, how students view
    taking sample Article Quizzes
    taking sample Literacy Skills Quizzes (teachers)
    taking sample Other Reading Quizzes (teachers)
    taking sample Reading Practice Quizzes (teachers)
    taking sample Vocabulary Practice Quizzes (teachers)
    taking article quizzes (students)
    taking book or Other Reading Quizzes (students)
    Teacher-Made Quizzes
    transferring quiz records to another student
    viewing student quiz results
    Vocabulary Practice


Ranking Report
Read Independently, TWI
Read To, TWI
Read With, TWI
Readability Formula (ATOS)
Reader certification certificates
Reader certification levels
Reader certification levels report
Reader certifications
    Advanced Reader
    Classic Reader
    Editing goal
    Honors Reader
    Independent Reader
    Ready Reader
    Rising Reader
    Setting certification goals
    Star Reader
    Super Reader
Reading articles and taking quizzes
Reading Goals Model preference
Reading level
Reading Overview Dashboard
Reading practice goals
    average book level goal
    average percent correct goal
    points goal
    setting goals for students using goal models for grades 3+
    setting goals for students using the K-2 goal model
    students, viewing
Reading Practice Quizzes
    availability to students
    deactivating quiz records
    editing quiz scores
    for other countries
    hiding from students
    passing percentage
    Recorded Voice
    taken, how students view
    taking sample quiz (teachers)
    taking (students)
    Teacher-Made Quizzes
    viewing quizzes
    viewing student quiz results
Reading Trends Dashboard
Ready Reader certification
Record Book
    Goals (for goal models for grades 3 and up)
    Goals (for the K-2 goal model)
    Latest Quizzes
Recorded Voice quizzes
Recorded Voice settings
Reliability and Validity
Renaissance Home Connect
    Book Labels
    Certificates for Student Achievement
    Certification Levels
    Goal History
    Goals Met
    Home Connect Send Home Letter
    Independent Reading Diagnostic Report
    Marking Period Progress
    Monitor Student Mastery Dashboard
    Point Club Summary
    Practice Parent
    Quiz List
    Quiz Takers Dashboard
    Reading Overview Dashboard
    Reading Trends Dashboard
    Schoolwide Summary Record
    Skills Status
    Student Mastery Record
    Student Performance Record
    Summary Diagnostic
    Word Count
    Words Learned
Restricting teachers' ability to edit, deactivate, and transfer quiz records
Restrictions for quizzing
    Blocking quizzing
    Book level
    Dates and times
    Interest level
Retaking Quizzes
Rising Reader certification


Sample Article Quizzes
Sample Literacy Skills Quizzes
Sample Other Reading Quizzes
Sample Reading Practice Quizzes
Sample Vocabulary Practice Quizzes
Schoolwide Summary Report
Setting certification goals
Setting Reading Practice goals
Show Quiz Answers preference
Skills Status Report
Spanish quizzes
Spanish/English classroom strategies
Spanish reading percentage
    how students view their percentage
    how teachers view the percentage for students
Star Reader certification
Stopping a quiz
Student capacity limit
Student Details page
Student Mastery Record Report
Student Performance Record Report
Student Reading Log - Beginning Reader
Student Reading Log - Emergent Reader
Student Reading Log - Established Reader
Student Reading Log - Kindergarten Reader
    book ideas
    completed work (quizzes taken)
    goals and progress
    opening Accelerated Reader
    stopping a quiz
    taking a quiz
    taking an Article Quiz
Suggesting quizzes
Summary Diagnostic Report
Super Reader certification


Taking a quiz (students)
Taking a sample Article Quiz
Taking a sample Literacy Skills Quiz
Taking a sample Other Reading Quiz
Taking a sample Reading Practice Quiz
Taking a sample Vocabulary Practice Quiz
Taking an Article Quiz (students)
Teacher-Made Quizzes
Teachers' Guides, Literacy Skills Quizzes
Teachers, restricting ability to deactivate, edit, and transfer quiz records
Time restrictions for quizzing
Tips for librarians (labeling books)
TOPS Report
    How teachers view TOPS Reports
Tracking points awarded and used
Transferring quiz records to another student
TWI Report
TWI Settings preference


UG (Upper Grades interest level)
Unfinished quizzes
Upper Grades interest level
Used points, for a class
Used points, for an individual student


Videos, student tasks
Viewing Article Quizzes
Viewing Literacy Skills Quizzes
Viewing Other Reading Quizzes
Viewing progress, students
Viewing Reading Practice Quizzes
Viewing students' quiz results
Viewing students' TOPS Reports
Viewing Vocabulary Practice Quizzes
Visible quizzes
Vocabulary Practice Quizzes


Weekend restrictions for quizzing
Word Count Report
Words Learned Report


Zone of Proximal Development

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