Renaissance Home Connect and Accelerated Reader

Students can log in to Renaissance Home Connect to see their progress toward reading practice goals and reading certification goals and to see their scores for quizzes they have completed.

To give students the information they need to log in to new Home Connect, teachers or administrators can select Reports on the Home page and then select Accelerated Reader / Reading Practice if a menu opens. Then, they select the Home Connect Send Home Letter and choose the students to generate the letter for. A letter will be generated for each student that you include. The letter can be sent home with students so that both students and parents have the address as well as the user name and password needed to log in.

Students then go to the address provided in the letter, enter their user name and password, and select Log In.

The student will then see three tabs: My Goals, My Certifications, and My Completed Work.

Parents can set up email updates from the student Home page or in Renaissance Home Connect so that they receive an email whenever their child does work (including Accelerated Reader quizzes).

Parents who want to look up books with quizzes can go to

My Goals

For most students, this view includes the following:

  • Just under the tabs, students will see where today is in the current marking period and how much time remains in that marking period; to see goals for a different marking period, students select another one from the drop-down list.
  • Under that, students will see their Reading Practice goals. Goals may have been set for the student's average percent correct, total points earned, and average book level. The orange bars show the student's progress toward each goal. means the student has met the goal exactly. means the student has done better than the goal required.
  • Goals are based on the Reading Practice Quizzes, Other Reading Quizzes, and Article Quizzes that students take.

    Points goals are based on the points students earn for passing quizzes. For points goals, the page shows the percent of the goal the student has earned.

    Percent Correct goals are based on the average percent correct for quizzes.

    Book level goals are based on the average book level for the quizzes that students have taken. The class Lexile® Goals preference determines whether average book level goals are shown as ATOS book levels or Lexile® Measures.

    Note that only passed quizzes count toward point and book-level goals. All quizzes (passed and failed) count toward average percent correct goals.

  • To the right, the student will see information about his or her reading, including the number of words read, the percent of reading that has been fiction or nonfiction, the number of activities completed, the number passed, and the student's Zone of Proximal Development or Lexile® Range.

For primary students, this view includes:

  • The flower shows the student's progress toward the points goal for the current marking period. The student sees the goal just under "My Reading Goals"; in the example below, the goal is 5 points.
  • If the teacher has set a points goal for the current marking period, the flower pot shows how many points the student has earned, and the flower fills in as the student gets closer to the goal. Below the flower pot, the student can see the percent of the points goal that he or she has earned. The points count starts over whenever a new marking period starts.

    If there is no goal, the flower pot counts up to 5 points at a time, and the flower fills in as the student gets closer to 5 points. The points count starts over every time the student has earned 5 points.

  • The sun over the flower shows the student how she or he is doing on the percent correct goal that the teacher has set for the marking period. The student sees a sun with a smiling face if his or her average percent correct on Reading Practice Quizzes is above the goal (or above 85% if no goal is set).
  • If the student has not met the goal (or 85% if there is no goal), the student will only see an outline of the sun.

  • The lines show where today is in the marking period and the date of the end of the marking period. The line marked "Today" helps the student see how many points he or she should have achieved by today to be on track to meet the goal.
  • Primary students do not see their progress for book level goals.

    If students have math goals for Accelerated Math Instructional Practice , those goals are only shown to the student at school, not in Renaissance Home Connect.

My Certifications

This tab shows students' progress toward certification goals. It includes:

  • Just under the tabs, students will see where today is in the current marking period and how much time remains in that marking period; to see goals for a different marking period, students select another one from the drop-down list.
  • Under the marking period information, the student will see his or certification goal, including the requirements for the certification. Only passed Reading Practice quizzes count toward certification goals.
  • Under the goal, the student will see the achieved certification goals for the current school year. (A number after the certification means the student re-certified at that level that many times.)

My Completed Work

The My Completed Work tab is a showcase of all the quizzes that the student has taken in the past several years. The quizzes are organized by month, with the most recent quizzes listed first; the score earned for each is shown.

Students can also search the list for a specific quiz using the title, author, or quiz number. In the search field above the list and to the right, the student can enter the information and click the magnifying glass to start searching.

The quizzes that matched the student's search will be listed. If the student wants to see the whole list again, the student selects Clear.

When students select a book cover, they will see:

  • More information about the book. This may include title, author, quiz number, language, ATOS book level, Lexile® level, and points.
  • Their rating of the book (shown by stars and text).
  • How many questions they answered correctly, their percent correct, the number of points they earned, and the number of words they read.
  • The Review Questions button (if the Show Quiz Answers preference allows students to review quiz questions and if the quiz was taken during the current school year). For passed quizzes, students can select this button to see the questions and the answers to any questions that they answered incorrectly.
  • The View TOPS Report button. Students select this to open their TOPS report in a new tab. The report includes their score on the quiz and information about their progress. Students can select PDF to print the report. When they are done, they can close the tab.
  • A < Back button that they can use to go back to the list of completed quizzes.

For some quizzes, details may not be available. A message will tell you that when you click the book cover.

Email Updates

Parents can set up email updates about their child's work by selecting Get Email Updates, either from the student Home page (when their child logs in) or in Renaissance Home Connect in the top right area of the page.

Parents enter their name and email address, choose a language, and choose the assignments for which they'd like to receive updates. For more information, see Getting Email Updates on Your Child's Work (Parents). The Home Connect Email preference controls which assignments parents can select for email updates.