Points Goal

When you use the goal model for grades 3-5 or grade 6 and up, there are three Reading Practice goals that you can set for your students: average percent correct, points, and average book level. (The K-2 goal model uses badges instead of points.)

The points goal includes Reading Practice Quizzes, Article Quizzes, and Other Reading (textbook) quizzes. For information on how points are calculated, see Points in Accelerated Reader.

The points goal should be set for the total number of points you expect the student to earn on quizzes during a particular marking period. Point goals should be based on the daily reading time and (if you have Star Reading) the student's Star Reading test score.

You can use the goal calculator in the Record Book or the Goal-Setting Chart to help you set realistic point goals for your students. To set goals, see AR Student Goals for Grades 3-5 or 6+.

If you award points or record points used, those records do not affect goals; only points earned from quizzes count toward the points goal.