Average Percent Correct Goal

When you use the goal model for grades 3-5 or grade 6 and up, there are three Reading Practice goals that you can set for your students: average percent correct, points, and average book level. (The K-2 goal model does not include an average percent correct goal for students, though teachers can see which students' average scores are at or above 80%.)

The average percent correct goal includes Reading Practice Quizzes, Other Reading (textbook) Quizzes, and Article Quizzes. The student's average percent correct includes both passed and failed quizzes.

The minimum goal for average percent correct is 80 percent, which is also the recommended goal. The average percent correct goal is the most important goal for students to achieve because it indicates that students are comprehending what they read. Average percent correct is the average of the scores the student received on the quizzes he or she took during a particular marking period. Because some students can benefit from even more success, you have the option of increasing the goal to any value from 85% to 90%. For more, see our Literacy Minutes video on why average percent correct is important.

To set goals for your students, see AR Student Goals for Grades 3-5 or 6+.