Deactivating a Student's Quiz Record

You can deactivate a student's quiz record so that it does not count toward the student's goals and does not appear in the reports on the student's work. Records can be deactivated for Reading Practice Quizzes, Literacy Skills Quizzes, Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, and Other Reading Quizzes.

Before you do this, please read quiz record deletion best practices.

Note that you can also transfer a quiz record from one student to another if the student took a quiz while logged in as another student. You can also rescore a student's Reading Practice or Other Reading Quiz.

When you deactivate a quiz record, the student can retake the quiz; however, the best method for allowing a quiz to be retaken is to use the Quiz Retake Restrictions preference to set how much time must pass before a student retakes a quiz.

If you have Accelerated Reader 360, Article Quiz records are deactivated differently; see Deactivating Article Assignments. If you have Accelerated Reader only, you cannot deactivate Article Quiz records.

Who can do this with the standard user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader 360 Independent Reading; then, select Record Book & Goals in the menu.
  2. In the Record Book & Goals, on the Latest Quiz tab, select the student whose quiz record you want to deactivate.
  3. On the Quizzes tab, you will see a list of the Reading Practice quizzes that the student has taken. If you want to see quizzes of another type, select Reading Practice Quizzes and choose the quiz type: Literacy Skills Quizzes, Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, or Other Reading Quizzes. (Note: For Article Quizzes, see the tip above.)
  4. In the list of quizzes taken, administrators with the default capabilities will see quizzes from this school year and the previous school year. Teachers will only see quizzes from this school year unless they have been granted the View Students' Historical Assignments user permission.

  5. When you have found the quiz, select Actions in the row for that quiz; then, select Deactivate from the menu that opens.
  6. You can also search for the quiz by title or number using the search field above the table.

  7. A message will show you the student's name, quiz name, date taken, and score. It will also remind you that the quiz record will be removed from reports and goals. If you want to continue, select OK.
  8. If you choose to deactivate the record, a message will tell you that the quiz is being deactivated and that the process might take a few minutes. Select OK.
  9. You will see "Deactivated" in the row for the quiz instead of the student's score. Note: Although "Deactivated" will be shown right after you deactivate the quiz, it may take up to 30 minutes for the change to affect the School Year Summary at the top of the page.
  10. Note: If the student retakes the quiz, you will see both the deactivated quiz and the new quiz score.

    If you decide that you want to reactivate the assignment later, you can select Actions again and choose Reactivate from the menu.