Learn Tips about Individual Student Reading Reporting

The following will help you quickly find the data you need to answer your day-to-day or end of marking period data questions. This list is tailored to the types of questions an educator may ask themselves as they are working one-on-one with a student.

Other reporting resources include:

Before you dig into the reports, watch this video to see an overview of the common report navigator and the report options.

Reports about Reading Practice and Progress Towards Goals

The following report will help you answer important questions about your students’ reading practice and progress towards goals.

Question Key Metric(s) To Use Recommended Report or Dashboard Tips for running this report
Is this student reading? # of activity outcomes (quizzes) taken Use the Summary Diagnostic Report to find the information on individual students' activity.
  • This report was previously called the Diagnostic Report.
  • This streamlined report now supports multiple quiz types so the column headers have been slightly modified to fit all types of activity.
    • Activity Outcomes = Quizzes
    • Points Attainment/Engagement Points = Points
    • Difficulty Level = Book Level
  • Leverage the various diagnostic codes to help pinpoint specific students who may need assistance.
  • Run this report for the Skills Practice and Quiz or Read and Quiz Assignments to get information about how a student is doing with nonfiction articles. (AR 360 only)
  • To see a student’s average difficulty level reported in Lexile measures, select Lexile® Scale option under Reading Level Scale.
Is this student on track to meeting their independent reading practice goals? ** Avg. % Correct
  • Goal
  • Measured
Points Attainment
  • Goal
  • Achieved
Difficulty Level
  • Goal
  • Actual
Does this student understand what he/she is reading? Average Percent Correct
Is the student reading at the right level? Average Difficulty Level
How much is this student reading? Total Points Achieved

** If you are using other goals with your students, please see the Classroom Level Reading Reporting Tips for more information about different goal reports.

Reports about Impacts on Student Success

The following reports will help you answer important questions as you look into details around what is impacting this student's success.

Question Key Metric(s) To Use Recommended Report or Dashboard Tips for running this report
How did this student do on each quiz taken? Single Activity Type Included in Goals
  • % Correct
  • Points Achieved
  • Difficulty Level Goal
Use the Student Performance Record Report to see a student's list of quizzes taken.

  • This report was previously named the Student Record Report.
  • To see a student's full record of activity, run the report for different assignment types.
  • To see another view of a student's activity, visit Track Student Work Dashboard and narrow the scope to just that student.
Does their comprehension differ between reading independently, reading with someone or being read to? Average % Correct for quizzes Read To, Read With and Read Independently Use to the TWI Report to see information about quizzes that students took on books read independently, read to them, or read with them. Even if your students are reading independently, you’ll find a breakdown of performance between Fiction and Nonfiction reading. On the Student Performance Record Report you can see if the book was read independently or not.

Reports About Reading Growth

The following reports can help you answer important questions about students' reading growth.

Question Key Metric(s) To Use Recommended Report or Dashboard Tips for running this report
Is this student mastering skills?
  • % correct for skill area
  • % correct for individual skills
Use the Skills Status Report to see student progress for skills and skill areas measured by Literacy Skill and Skills Practice and Quiz Assignments.

  • To see a more comprehensive view of student skill mastery across assessments and practice activities, view Monitor Student Mastery Dashboard.
  • Skills Practice and Quiz Assignments are only available with Accelerated Reader 360.
What words has this student learned while reading?
  • Words learned
  • Word's grade level
Use the Words Learned Report to get a list of words each student has learned and the grade level associated with each word.

  • Students will no longer have access to this comprehensive list of words learned. You may consider running this report regularly to celebrate success and share the words learned with each student.

Other Frequently Asked Reporting Questions

If students are reading books and taking reading practice, vocabulary practice, or literacy skills quizzes, you will find that data by selecting the application Accelerated Reader.

If students are reading textbooks passages and taking a comprehension quiz (Other Reading Quiz), you will find that data by selecting the application Accelerated Reader and Other Reading Quiz.

If students are reading nonfiction articles (available for AR 360 only), you will need to select the application Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional Practice.

  • If students were self-selecting articles before the updates, you will find data under the read and quiz assignment type.
  • If students will be self-selecting articles after the updates, you will find data under the skills practice and quiz assignment type.
  • If you've been selecting and assigning articles using the Instructional Reading tile (now called Assigned Reading) you will find student data for the assignment types that you have selected.

We know that teachers need to be able to quickly run reports to see their students' latest AR activity. Because of the volume of quizzes that students in a class may have (great problem to have), we will be limiting the amount of AR data accessible from reports to be the current year plus two years. This will make sure that we can ensure great performance and quick reporting.

The help files can be found by selecting the ? in the top right hand corner of each page. Here is a quick link to our summary about all the AR Reports that are available.