Classic Reader

There are several reader certification goals that you can set for your students. Each one has its own requirements that the students must meet to be certified at that level. Classic Reader is one of the available certification levels.

Certification goals are different from other Reading Practice goals (such as percent correct, average book level, and points). Certification goals are not available if you have chosen to use the K-2 goal model for Reading Practice goals; students earn badges in that goal model instead of certifications.

To earn Classic Reader, the student must Independently read three books with a 6.0 or higher ATOS book level (or 900L Lexile®* measure) that are each worth at least seven points and pass the Reading Practice Quizzes.

We recommend that a student recertify no more than five times at this level.

A Classic Reader certification goal must be set for students in order for the software to track the students' progress toward the certification and award it automatically.

You can print customizable award certificates using the Certificates for Student Achievement Report.

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