About User Permissions

Renaissance software uses permissions to give users the right to perform specific tasks in the software.

Each user is given user permissions based on the permission group that the user was assigned to when he or she was added to the Renaissance software. There are six user permission groups:

  • District Level Administrator
  • District Dashboard Owner
  • District Staff
  • School Level Administrator
  • School Staff
  • Teacher

For more detailed information about permissions, see Viewing and Editing User Permissions.

For Accelerated Reader tasks, the following permissions apply. To see which permission groups have each permission by default, see User Permissions Table.

  • Preference permissions determine which of the preferences you can set. The permissions include Edit Classroom Preferences, Edit District Preferences, and Edit School Preferences.
  • Content management permissions set whether you can manage books, view quiz information, take sample quizzes, and add Teacher-Made Quizzes:
    • View Content determines whether you can view the available quizzes and take sample quizzes.
    • Manage Content sets who can manage books (choose which books to show and hide to teachers and students).
    • Create Content sets whether you can create Teacher-Made Reading Practice Quizzes.
  • Manage Classroom Activities sets whether you can set goals and produce class reports.
  • View Classroom Activities sets whether you can see student assignments, scores, and goals, produce class reports, and access the Accelerated Reader Record Book.
  • School-Level Access sets whether you can view reports and scores for the entire school rather than just your assigned classes.
  • Reporting permissions determine which reports and dashboard views you can use and how you can filter the data.

For teachers, some tasks are restricted or allowed based on the setting of the school Manage Quiz Results preference instead of user permissions. That preference determines whether teachers in each school can edit quiz dates, review or rescore students' quiz responses, transfer quiz records from one student to another, and deactivate quiz records. School Level Administrators and District Level Administrators can always perform these tasks.