Articles and Article Quizzes

Accelerated Reader includes nonfiction articles that students can read within the software; after reading each article, students take a brief, three-question quiz about it. (See How Students Read Articles and Take Quizzes.) Articles are available at various reading levels to give students more nonfiction practice.

The articles were sourced via a variety of content providers, such as NPR, Smithsonian, Highlights, Library of Congress, Cricket Media, and the Associated Press.

If you want to see the source of a particular article, there are two ways to do so:

  • When you open the article, look for the "by" information after the title:
  • example of the byline for an article

  • In Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, select Advanced Search. In the first Additional Criteria drop-down list, select Nonfiction Articles. Then, choose your other search criteria and select Search. In the search results, you will see the source of each article below the title.
  • select Advanced Search and choose Nonfiction Articles under Additional Criteria

    example of the source information in AR Bookfinder

If you don't want students to read articles and take article quizzes at your school, you can use the school Article Quiz Availability preference to turn article quizzes off.

How Students Find Article Quizzes

To find article quizzes, students can search for articles by keyword, choose an article under "Articles you can read now" or at the bottom of the Reading page under "Discover Articles."

example of the Articles You Can Read Now row

example of the Discover Articles area

How Teachers and Administrators View Article Quizzes

Teachers and administrators can view articles and their quizzes by selecting Accelerated Reader, then Manage Books & Quizzes.

select Accelerated Reader Independent Reading, then Manage Books and Quizzes

On the Manage Content page, select Manage Books & Quizzes.

select Manage Books and Quizzes on the Manage Content page

Select the drop-down list at the top of the page and choose viewing Article Quizzes.

select viewing Article Quizzes from the drop-down list

All available article quizzes will be listed. If you want to see an article and its quiz, select View Article/Quiz for that article.

select View Article/Quiz

How Teachers See the Article Quizzes Students Have Taken

In the Accelerated Reader Record Book, teachers can view results for students' article quizzes; they can also see this information in the Student Performance Record Report. Information about overall performance on quizzes is available in the Summary Diagnostic Report.