Reading Snapshots

Reading Snapshots are a great way to share the reading achievements of the district, a school, a grade, or a class with parents or the community as a whole. You can create Reading Snapshots and share them on your website.

Using Reading Snapshots, you can share either the amount of reading students have done or the percentage of students who are meeting their Accelerated Reader goals. To find out how to create them, see Creating Reading Snapshots.

Two types of Reading Snapshots are available:

  • Images: Teachers, staff, and administrators can create images that record how much reading students did in a specific month or the percentage of students who are on track to meet their reading goals for a marking period (for students using the goal models for grades 3-5 or grades 6 and up). The person who created an image can download it so that you can share the image on your website. Images do not update - they show the information that was true at the time they were created.

  • Website Counters: District-level and school-level administrators can create website counters. Website counters share the amount of reading that students have done in the current month or the current school year. After creating the website counter, the administrator can copy the HTML for the counter and provide it to their website administrator, who can include the counter on a website. Website counters update nightly as long as the administrator who created them remains in the software.

To go to Reading Snapshots, select Reading Snapshots on the Home page, or select Accelerated Reader Independent Reading and select Share Reading Snapshots.