Student Details - All Quizzes Tab

The Student Details page provides more information about the selected student's reading practice, including totals for the student. The Quizzes tab shows you a list of the quizzes that the student has taken.

How to Go to the Student Details Page

Who can do this with default permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Dashboard Owners, District Staff, School Level Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Reader 360 Independent Reading; then, select Record Book & Goals in the menu.
  2. select Accelerated Reader, then Record Book and Goals

  3. If you have access to more than one school and/or more than one class, use the drop-down lists at the top of the page to choose the school and class whose information you want to see.
  4. use the Class drop-down list to choose the class

  5. Select the Latest Quiz tab.
  6. select the Latest Quiz tab

  7. On the Latest Quiz tab, select the student whose information you want to see.
  8. select the student's name

Changing the Selected Student

Use the Student drop-down list at the top of the page to view a different student's information. You cannot change the class or school in the Student Details, but you can change them if you select < Back to All Students to go back to the class Record Book page.

use the Student drop-down list to choose a different student

If the Marking Period drop-down list is available, it does not impact the All Quizzes tab; it is used for the Student Goals tab.

Viewing the Student's School Year Summary

At the top of the page, you'll see the following information for the selected student in the current school year:

example of the School Year Summary

  • the average book level of the books the student has read this school year (shown as either an ATOS book level or a Lexile®* level, depending on the setting of the class Lexile® Goals preference)
  • the number of books the student has read this school year (based on the number of passed Reading Practice Quizzes and Other Reading Quizzes)
  • the number of articles the student has read this school year (based on the number of passed article quizzes)
  • the percentage of reading that has been nonfiction (based on the points earned for fiction and nonfiction)
  • the number of words the student has learned based on Vocabulary Practice Quizzes

Viewing the Quizzes That the Student Has Taken

When you first come to this page and the Quizzes tab, you will see a list of the Reading Practice Quizzes the student has taken. With default permissions, administrators will see the quizzes taken in this school year and the previous school year; teachers will see the quizzes taken this school year only unless they have been granted the View Students' Historical Assignments user permission.

If you want to see records for a different type of quiz (Vocabulary Practice Quizzes, Literacy Skills Quizzes, Other Reading Quizzes, or Article Quizzes), select the quiz type and choose an item from the menu.

choose a quiz type from the drop-down list

For each quiz, the list shows the date the quiz was taken, the quiz number, the title, the ATOS Book Level (or Lexile® measure), and the score. For Reading Practice Quizzes, Other Reading Quizzes, and Article Quizzes, the list also shows the number of points the student earned for each quiz. Next to each quiz score, you will see a check mark (passed check mark) if the student passed the quiz or an exclamation point (failed exclamation point) if the student failed the quiz; for more about how students pass quizzes, see Passing Percentage.

example of a student's list of Reading Practice Quizzes

The class Lexile® Goals preference determines whether the ATOS book level or Lexile® measure is shown in the Student Details.

If the date is underlined for a quiz in the list, it means that the quiz date was changed. Move the cursor over that date to the see the original quiz date, when it was changed, and the name of the person who changed it.

By default, the list is sorted by quiz date, with the newest quizzes listed first. You can sort the list by the quiz date, quiz number, title, ATOS Book Level (or Lexile® measure), score, or points earned. Select a column heading once to sort in ascending order; select it again to sort in descending order.

select a column heading to sort by that information

If the list is long and you'd like to find a specific quiz, click in the search field and type part of the quiz title or quiz number. As you type, the software will narrow the list to quiz titles that include the text you type. To go back to the full list, select the x to the right of the text you typed.

example of a quiz search

If you see "Started" in the Score column for a quiz, the student has started the quiz, but hasn't finished it. The quiz may be in progress, or it may have been interrupted because the browser window was closed during the quiz or the computer experienced a problem. If the quiz was interrupted, the student can resume the quiz. (Stopped quizzes are not shown in this list because their records are not saved.)

example of a quiz marked Started

If you see "Deactivated" in the Score column for a quiz, the quiz record has been deactivated (see below), so it no longer appears in reports, and it does not count toward goals. You can reactivate the quiz record if necessary.

example of a deactivated quiz

Quiz Actions

Click the Actions link in the row for a quiz to see the options available. Administrators will see all the options described below. Teachers always see the "View TOPS" option; the setting of the Manage Quiz Results preference determines whether teachers also have the other options listed below.

  • View TOPS: Select this to see the TOPS Report for the student's quiz. When you view a TOPS Report, you can choose to view it in English or Spanish, and you can print the report.
  • Review/Rescore (Reading Practice and Other Reading Quizzes only): Select this to rescore the questions on the student's quiz or to simply review the student's answers. For details, see Editing Students' Reading Practice or Other Reading Scores.
  • Transfer Activity: Select this to transfer a quiz record from the current student to another student. This is useful when a student has accidentally taken a quiz while logged in as another student. For details, see Transferring a Quiz Record from One Student to Another. (For Article quizzes, both the quiz shown here and the skills practice assignment will be transferred.)
  • Edit Quiz Date: Select this to change the date for the student's quiz record. This is useful when the quiz should count toward a goal for a different marking period or appear in reports for a different time period. For details, see Editing Quiz Dates.
  • Deactivate: Select this to deactivate a quiz record so that it does not count toward the student's goals and it does not appear in reports. After you deactivate a quiz, you will see "Deactivated" on the Student Details page instead of the score. You can reactivate the quiz by selecting Actions again and choosing Reactivate. For details, see Deactivating a Student's Quiz Record.
  • the options in the Actions column

    Note that Review/Rescore is not available for Article Quizzes.

    After you deactivate (or reactivate), transfer, or rescore a quiz record, it may take up to 30 minutes for the change to be reflected in the School Year Summary at the top of the page.

Printing and Reports

If you want to print the page, select PDF in the gray bar toward the top of the page.

select the PDF icon

If you want to go to the Reports page, select the Reports icon in the gray bar.

select the Reports icon

Other Tabs on the Student Details Page

To see this student's reading goals, select the Student Goals tab.

select the Student Goals tab

To see this student's certification goals, select the Certifications tab.

select the Certifications tab

To see more information on a bilingual student's reading in Spanish and English, select the Biliteracy tab.

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