How Students Review Past Assignments

When students log in and work in the Accelerated Math software on a computer or tablet, they can review their work on past assignments by following these steps:

  1. After logging in to the Renaissance site, on the student Home page, select Math & Other Apps.
  2. On the next page, select Accelerated Math 2.0.
  3. If your school has Renaissance Home Connect, students can also log in to Renaissance Home Connect from home, select the math tab, and then select the Accelerated Math 2.0 tab. On that tab, students can select Open Accelerated Math 2.0. They can then follow the rest of these steps to review past assignments.

  4. If a Choose Your Class window opens, select the class you want to review work for; then, select Done.
  5. If you are in more than one group, use the drop-down list to choose the group that you want to review your work for.
  6. Look at the Past Assignments toward the bottom of the page. (They are grouped by the month when you finished them.) For each assignment, you'll see the type, your % score, the number of problems you answered correctly, and the date you finished the assignment. If you want more information, select an assignment.
  7. For online assignments, you will see all of the problem numbers with your answers. Correct answers will have a green check mark; incorrect answers will have a red X. You can select a problem number to go to see that problem again and to see the answer you chose.
  8. For paper assignments, you will see the form number and a list of subskills for which you had incorrect responses, including the problem number and your answer.

    Under your answers, you will see a list of subskills on the assignment and your scores for each subskill.

    If you want a printed copy of the summary, select Print, then select your printer.

    When you are done reviewing your work, select Done.

  9. You will go back to the Assignments page. If you are done working in the software, select Log Out in the top-right corner of the page.