Practices and Tests

Within an Assignment Plan, students in each group complete practices and tests for subskills. You can get information about student work on the Progress Dashboard page (select Progress Dashboard at the top of any Accelerated Math page).


Practices enable students to apply and demonstrate what they have learned as they solve problems. When the Assignment Plan starts, the teacher selects Start Assignment Cycle at the top of the Progress Dashboard page to generate the first practice for all students in all groups that are using the selected Learning Schedule.

Generate First Assignment Button

After that, as the student completes each practice, Accelerated Math generates the next one until the Assignment Plan is complete. If you view the assignments for a group on the Progress Dashboard, the subskills that the student has finished practicing will be light green, and you will see "P" for subskills for which students have an unscored practice.

Practice in Progress

If the student has completed three practices for a subskill without scoring at least 5 out of 6, you will see an exclamation mark in a red triangle for that subskill as shown below (Intervene); you can select the square to generate new work for the student after helping the student to understand the work better.
Intervene Triangle


Tests are never generated automatically. They are generated by the teacher as needed. To generate a test for all students in the group, the teacher does this:

  1. Go to the Progress Dashboard and select View Assignments for the group.
  2. Check the box for each subskill that you want to include in the test. To see a description of an assigned subskill, select the number.
  3. Select Generate Test above the table.

Generate Test Button

Note: If the student has finished a test for an assigned subskill but has not scored at least 4 out of 5, you will see an exclamation point in a red triangle for that subskill as shown below (Intervene). After helping the student to understand the subskill, you can generate a new test just for that student by selecting the square and then selecting Generate Test.
Intervene Triangle

You will see a "T" on a square when the student is working on a test that has not been scored for that subskill:
Test in Progress

After students pass a test for a subskill, the square changes to dark green to show that the students have completed work for that subskill:
Assignment Work Complete

When students log in through Renaissance Home Connect, they can complete or score their practices, but not their tests. Students are only allowed to work on tests when they log in to Renaissance software at school.