Getting Ready for a New School Year

Before you start each school year, you first need to check, add, edit, and delete classes, students, and personnel as needed so that teachers are ready to use Accelerated Math 2.0 with their new classes.

After that, in Accelerated Math 2.0, you need to do the following:

  1. On the Student Groups page, teachers group their students based on Star Math test data or other criteria.
  2. Teachers set up Learning Schedules for the groups, choosing the length of the Assignment Plans and the skills or subskills included in each Assignment Plan.
  3. On the Assignment Plan page, teachers choose the specific subskills that they want each group to work on.
  4. On the Progress Dashboard page, teachers select Start Assignment Cycle to generate the first practice of the Assignment Plan for all students in all groups using a specific Learning Schedule. (Repeat this step for each Learning Schedule if your class is using more than one.) When you view assignments for a group on this page, you will see "P" on the squares for the assigned skills that are being practiced:
  5. You use the Start Assignment Cycle option at the beginning of each Assignment Plan to start your students' work. You can also use it to generate work for new students who joined the class after the Assignment Plan started.

  6. Have your technology/computer coordinator do the following:
    • Make sure each computer that will be used with Accelerated Math 2.0 has the current Renaissance site address set as a favorite in the browser.
    • If you will be using AccelScan scanners, make sure they are connected to the computers where they will be used, and install the AccelScan Scanning software on those computers.

After you follow these steps, students can log in an begin working. Students will automatically get a new practice whenever they complete a practice. Teachers generate tests as needed and monitor student progress and performance on the Progress Dashboard page.