Changing Learning Schedules for Class Groups

You can change the Learning Schedules that you have created for groups in your class. When you edit Learning Schedules, you can change the grade or subject, the schedule type, the dates, the number of days in the assignment plans, and the skills to include.

You cannot change the groups associated with a Learning Schedule; if you need specific students to use a different Learning Schedule, create a new group. (The students can be in both the old and new groups so that you can see their past work and future progress.)

Follow the steps below to change Learning Schedules.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps.
  2. On the next page, select Accelerated Math 2.0.
  3. Select Learning Schedule in the links to the right of the Accelerated Math logo.
  4. Use the drop-down lists at the top of the page to choose the school and class if necessary.
  5. select school and class

  6. Select the Learning Schedule that you want to work with if necessary from the drop-down list.
  7. If you have set up a Learning Schedule for some groups in the class, but one or more groups don't have a Learning Schedule, you can select Add to Existing to choose a Learning Schedule you have already created, or select Create to create a new Learning Schedule.

  8. Select the arrow next to the Schedule Setup section at the top of the page.
  9. Select Edit Schedule.
  10. If necessary, use the drop-down list to change the grade or subject. If the groups need a customized Learning Schedule based on their median Star Math Scaled Score, select Star Recommended; the initial skill will be selected for the Learning Schedule based on the median Star Math Scaled Score of the students in the group, and subsequent skills will be selected based on the recommended teachable order. This option is not available if your students have not taken Star Math tests.
  11. If you change the schedule type (the grade/subject or Star Recommended), your students' assignments for the current selection will no longer be shown on the Progress Dashboard page; this includes scores for completed assignments. If you go back to the original schedule selection later, Accelerated Math will remember the progress your students had made on subskills, but practice and test scores from that previous work will no longer be available.

  12. If you need to change the start or end dates, select each date to choose a new date from a popup calendar, or you can select and drag the dates in the timeline to set new dates.
  13. Below the schedule timeline, you'll see the median starting Star Math Scaled Score for the group (if Scaled Scores are available) and the Projected Scaled Score by the end date (if the projection is available). The Projected score will change as you move the end date.

    Scaled Scores (and the resulting Projected scores) are available in the timeline the day after students test. To see Projected scores, you must have a test in the last 2 years.

    In some cases, the Projected score may be lower than the last Star Scaled Score. To generate the Projected score, the software looks at students in the same grade nationally that have a similar starting score. For some higher scores within a grade, 50% of students have a slight decrease in Scaled Score by the end of the year. This can happen because showing growth is less common for students who are already top achievers.

    For the start date, you can choose today's date or any date after today in the school year. For the end date, you can choose any date after the start date and before (or on) the last day of the school year.

    For the class, the Learning Schedule time period is usually the duration of the class. For groups that require intervention, this is the length of the intervention period.

  14. Enter the number of days for each Assignment Plan in the Learning Schedule. Assignment Plans break up the Learning Schedule into manageable sets of skills for you and your students; they can help you keep groups of students working on the same skills over a set period of time. (For Intervention, you may choose to use one Assignment Plan for the entire Learning Schedule.)
  15. If you are changing a Star Recommended Learning Schedule, you can change whether the Learning Schedule includes all skills or just Focus Skills by selecting one of the options. (Using Focus Skills only may allow students who are behind their peers to catch up more quickly.)
  16. Focus skills are the skills that are most critical for success at each grade level.

    When you choose only to include Focus Skills, since the software will skip any non-Focus Skills, the starting skill for the Learning Schedule will depend on the next applicable Focus Skill.

    The software determines the median Scaled Score for the groups that are using the Learning Schedule. Then, in the Learning Progression, the software uses that score to determine the "entry points," or the first skills for the Learning Schedule. The first applicable skill that has subskills is selected.

    If you choose to include Focus Skills only, the software will skip non-Focus Skills and go to the first applicable Focus Skill in order to determine the entry point, or starting skill, for the Learning Schedule.

    For Star Recommended Learning Schedules, you can also change the number of hours per week that the student will spend practicing the subskills in this Learning Schedule (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). This affects the number of subskills that Accelerated Math will include in the Learning Schedule.

  17. Select Save when you are done (or Cancel if you decide not to save your changes).

After you make changes, the Assignment Plans that are shown will be adjusted.

You can see the skills that have been added to each Assignment Plan, and you can make changes as needed. (The icon on each skill shows you the domain.) You can also adjust the dates for specific assignment plans. To make changes or view information, do the following:

  • To move dates from one Assignment Plan to another:
    To move the last date in an Assignment Plan to the next plan, select the arrow pointing down down arrow.
    To move the first date in an Assignment Plan to the previous plan, select the arrow pointing up up arrow.
    As you move dates, note that the number of days listed to the right of the Assignment Plan changes.
  • To add skills to an Assignment Plan:
    1. Select Add Skills below the list of skills in the Assignment Plan.
    2. In the window that opens, check (select) the Grade (or subject for high school). Any grade or subject for which you have already added all skills will not be listed.
    3. Check the Domain in the second column.
    4. In the Standard column, check the standards that include the skills you want to add.
    5. In the Skills column, check the skills that you want to add to the Assignment Plan.
    6. Select Save.
    7. skills in Assignment Plan

  • To view the standard for each skill:
    Above the skill description, you will see the standard that applies to the skill (or the number of standards if more than one applies to the skill). Select this information to see the full description of the standard(s). When you have finished reading the description, close the popup window.
  • view standards

  • To delete skills from an Assignment Plan:
    Select the X to the right of the skill description and standard number. (The X will turn red when you move the mouse cursor over it or when you select it.) When you delete skills that students have already worked on, you will no longer see that work on the Progress Dashboard page; if you add the skills back in later, the Progress Dashboard will show the progress your students previously made on those skills, but it will no longer show you the scores for those past practices and tests.
  • delete skill x

  • To change the order of skills or to move them to different Assignment Plans:
    Select the skill that you want to move and drag the skill to its new position or to a different Assignment Plan. The other skills will adjust to allow for the skill's new position. If you move skills to different Assignment Plans, make sure that each Assignment Plan only has the number of skills that you and your students can complete in that time period.
  • move skill

If you don't see the skills and standards that you expect to see, the software administrator or district administrator can select Product Administration on the Other Math & Reading Apps page, then select Set Learning Standards to check the standards that are selected for math. The administrator can select different math standards, but any class that has already begun working with the original standards will continue to use those standards. To use the new standards, create a new class; new classes will use the new standards automatically.