Using Accelerated Math 2.0 with Students Who Require Intervention

For students who require intervention, you can use small groups and the Star Recommended Learning Schedule type to ensure that students are working on the appropriate skills and subskills. The Math Dashboard can help you monitor student progress.

Groups and Intervention Students

In Accelerated Math 2.0, there are two ways that groups can help you work with students who require intervention:

  • If you are working in a fully differentiated classroom, you can use small groups (up to 10 groups per class) to ensure that students are working on the appropriate subskills with other students who are close to their achievement and growth levels.
  • If most students in the class are working on pace, but some are not, you can either put the students who require intervention in a different group, or you can place those students in both a grade-level group and a group that is using a Star Recommended Learning Schedule, which will provide practice on essential prerequisite skills.

Using the Star Recommended Learning Schedule

When you set up a Learning Schedule for a group, you can choose whether to use a grade-level Learning Schedule or a Star Recommended Learning Schedule.

A Star Recommended Learning Schedule chooses the skills to include based on the median Star Math Scaled Score of the group(s). It also allows you to choose whether to work on all skills or just Focus Skills, which are the skills that are most critical for success at a particular grade level. Choosing only Focus Skills allows your students to work on the core topics without as much depth so that students can catch up to their peers more quickly.

You also choose the number of hours per week that students will spend practicing subskills for this Learning Schedule, which helps the software determine how many subskills students are likely to complete.

Using the Math Dashboard to Monitor Student Progress

In the Math Dashboard, you can monitor the progress of groups or individual students based on their Star Math Scaled Scores, their Student Growth Percentile (if available), and their Accelerated Math 2.0 activity.

To go to the Math Dashboard, select the Dashboard icon (shown below) on the Student Groups or Progress Dashboard pages. Then, open the Math Diagnostics or Math Overview.

For more information about the Math Dashboard, see Using the Math Dashboard for Accelerated Math 2.0 Reporting.