Intervene Status on Subskills

The Progress Dashboard assignments view uses the Intervene Triangle symbol to show you when a student has failed practices or tests and needs extra help.

If the student was working on practice when the symbol appeared, it means the student has scored less than 5 out of 6 on three separate practices for the subskill. The student will go on to the next subskill. You may need to work with the student to help him or her understand the subskill better; then, you can generate a new practice for the student by selecting the square and then selecting Practice in the window that opens. (The student will see the new practice after finishing his or her current practice.)

Select Practice

If the student was working on a test when the symbol appeared, the student scored less than 4 out of 5 on a test for the subskill. After working with the student, select the square and choose whether to have the student complete a practice or test next. (Note: You cannot generate a test if the student is already working on another test; students can only have one test at a time.)

Select Practice or Test

If you have chosen to use paper assignments, be sure to print the new practice or test that opens.

If you choose to give the student a new practice for a subskill, the square will be white again, showing that it is ready to be included on the next practice that is automatically generated by Accelerated Math. After the student passes the practice, you will see an exclamation point like the one shown below to show you that the student needs another practice or test; select the square to choose what to have the student work on next.
New Test Needed

If you choose a test after a square has shown the Intervene symbol, you will see a T on a light green square while the test is in progress.
Test in Progress