Starting the Assignment Cycle (Generating the First Assignment in an Assignment Plan)

When a new Assignment Plan begins for groups in your class, you need to start the assignment cycle for students, which generates the first practice assignment for each student and each group. (Students receive their first practice for each group that they are in.)

After students receive their first practice, they receive subsequent practices automatically. Follow the steps below to generate the first assignment in an Assignment Plan.

Note that you should also follow these steps when new students join the class or groups during an Assignment Plan, or when students don't have an active practice because you have deleted an assignment or subskill; in those cases, only the students who need them will get a new practice.

Although students' practices are generated automatically throughout the Assignment Plan, tests are not; teachers generate tests as needed by checking the assigned skills to include and then selecting Generate Tests.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps.
  2. On the next page, select Accelerated Math 2.0.
  3. Select Progress Dashboard in the links to the right of the Accelerated Math logo.
  4. Use the drop-down lists at the top of the page to choose the school and class if necessary. Then, choose the Learning Schedule. You will be generating assignments for students whose groups are using that Learning Schedule.
  5. If you are using more than one Learning Schedule for groups in your class, be sure to repeat these steps for each Learning Schedule.

    The current Assignment Plan will be selected in the Assignment Plan drop-down list. You can only start the assignment cycle for the Assignment Plan that is going on now.

  6. By default, the assignments for the students will be online. If you need to change this setting (or make a change to a previous selection), select the option behind "Students will practice and test", then choose how you want them to work.
  7. Generate First Assignment

    If you choose paper, make sure that you have not set up the printer to print duplex. If you use duplex printing, a student's assignment could begin on the back of the previous student's assignment.
  8. Select Start Assignment Cycle.
  9. If you chose to use paper assignments for practices, Accelerated Math will show you the progress as assignments are generated (as shown below). Then, the assignments will open in a new browser tab or window; you can print them as you would any web page (by using ctrl-P on Windows computers or -P on Macintosh computers, or by right-clicking and choosing a print option from the popup menu).

    If you have popup blockers enabled in your browser and you are generating paper assignments, when the assignments are ready, you will see a View Assignments button in the Generating Paper Assignments message. Click the button to open your assignments so you can print them. (After 15 minutes, this button changes to Regenerate Assignments.)

    After your assignments are generated (online or paper), a message will appear next to the Start Assignment Cycle button to tell you how many assignments were generated.

After you start the assignment cycle, you can select View Assignments for each group to see the work that students will be starting. You will see a "P" on the square for each assignment that students are currently practicing:
Practice Symbol
For online assignments, students can log in and select Start for the Practice to begin working on the practice.

For paper assignments, students can log in to score their answers or use AccelScan to scan their answers from a card. (Note that Renaissance Responders and NEO 2s are no longer supported.)

If you see a message telling you that your Accelerated Math capacity limit has been reached, students in the class will not receive assignments. Your Accelerated Math 2.0 student capacity is set when you purchase your subscription. If you need to purchase more capacity, contact your administrator or your Renaissance Learning representative.