Using Math Dashboard for Accelerated Math 2.0 Reporting

On the Student Groups and Progress Dashboard pages, you will see a Math Dashboard button.

When you select this button, you will go to the Math Dashboard Navigator.

In the Math Dashboard Navigator page, you can select Math Overview or Math Diagnostics to see Accelerated Math 2.0 data. (Other views do not include Accelerated Math 2.0 data.)

Math Overview

At the top of the Math Overview page, select the class/group or students to view data for if you need to change the selection.

Then, select the school, teacher, and class or group in the first three columns. In the last column, you can choose to include all students in the class or group or one student.

The schools, teachers, classes/groups, and students that are available to you depend on your role. Teachers can only select their classes/groups and students.

After choosing the class and students, select the second drop-down list and choose the time period to choose data for (all time, school year, marking period, last 30 days, or last 7 days).

On the left side of the page, you will see information about the students' Star Math test achievement and growth.

On the right side of the page, you'll see how your students are doing on their Accelerated Math 2.0 assignments, including the Practice % Correct, Test % Correct, Review % Correct (for review problems from completed subskills), and Total Subskills Mastered for the time period. For the Total Subskills Mastered, note that the count includes the total number mastered by all students in your class.

To go back to the Navigator page, click the Navigator icon ().

Math Diagnostics

On the Diagnostics page, you can select the class and timeframe at the top of the page. On this page, you can choose to view data for groups in the class, and you can see each student's name on charts for practice percent correct, test percent correct, review percent correct, and total subskills mastered.

For more detailed information, see Math Overview and Math Diagnostics.

To return to Accelerated Math 2.0, select the Home icon at the top of the Dashboard place you are viewing. Then, on the Other Math & Reading Apps page, select Accelerated Math 2.0.