Online versus Paper Assignments

In the Progress Dashboard, you choose whether students' assignments are online or paper by selecting the format shown at the top of the page. The choice you make applies to groups that are using the Learning Schedule that you have selected.

Once you choose the setting, you choose Online or Print for practices and for tests:

The lists below tell you how online and print assignments are different.

Online assignments:

  • Students receive their first online assignment when the teacher starts the assignment cycle. After that, they automatically have a new online practice or test after they finish the current one (if work is available).
  • Students complete these by logging in and working in the student program on a computer or tablet.
  • Students see and answer the problems on the computer or tablet, but they show their work in a math notebook. (Students may print a copy of online practices and exercises, but they still must answer the questions online.)
  • Students can see problem help, peer help (other students working on the objectives), and a math glossary. They can also flag problems they want to come back to.
  • Online assignments are scored automatically and cannot be rescored once students submit the assignment.
  • Teachers can view online assignments on the Progress Dashboard page.

Paper assignments: