Accelerated Math 2.0 and Renaissance Home Connect

Some Accelerated Math 2.0 subscriptions include access to Renaissance Home Connect, which provides a way for students to log in to the program from home. Students who access the program this way can complete or print their practices, view their past assignments, and view resources and the math glossary just as they would at school. However, students are not allowed to complete tests when they open the program through Renaissance Home Connect.

Renaissance Home Connect also serves as a way for parents to view their children's assignments, their past work, and resources that they can use to help their children (such as worked examples).

If you have Renaissance Home Connect, and you would like your students and parents to be able to use it, follow these steps to set it up and to give students the address and their login information:

  1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps.
  2. On the Other Math & Reading Apps page, the administrator selects Renaissance Home Connect, then Manage Availability to make sure that Renaissance Home Connect is made available to schools.
  3. A teacher or administrator can select Renaissance Home Connect, then Reports to find the Informational Letters. Select the Informational Letter in the language you need (English or Spanish), choose the students and products to include, and select View Report to generate and print letters to send home with your students. These letters give parents and students the Renaissance Home Connect address and their user names and passwords.

Once students log in to Renaissance Home Connect, they can select the math tab and then the Accelerated Math 2.0 tab. They can then do the following:

  • Select Open Accelerated Math 2.0 (circled below) to open the same program they use at school. They can then complete practices, review past assignments, or view resources or the math glossary. They cannot work on tests when they open the program through Renaissance Home Connect.
  • Renaissance Home Connect

  • Select Math Glossary (circled above) to see definitions of math terms. They can then search for a term, browse by the first letter, view all terms, or view terms for a specific grade using the drop-down list. See the example below.
  • Renaissance Home Connect Math Glossary

    Once students select a term, they can see a definition and example. Students click the speaker icon next to the term to hear how it sounds. If a Play button is available, students click it to see an animated example.

    Math Glossary Term