This happens when the student tries to log in with the wrong password too many times. The accounts will unlock after 5 minutes, but administrators can unlock them sooner.

Contact your program administrator or your district or school administrators. Your subscription to the software may have expired, or you may have reached the limit for the number of students who can use the software.

Possible solutions:

If assignment printing seems consistently slow, try unchecking the Embed Fonts setting in the Paper Assignments preference for the class. Note that for some printers, this may cause some symbols to print incorrectly on the assignment. Make sure this is not a problem after you change the setting. For more information, see the previous item in this topic.

Possible reasons for this:

  • If you scored an exercise or test with AccelScan, the next assignment will not generate automatically. This only happens after practices are scored.
  • If the student's objective status has changed to Intervene because of the student's performance on the last practice, the next practice will not generate.
  • The Scoring preference for the class may not allow automatic assignment generation. Make sure Automatically generate next practice is checked in the Scoring preference for the class.
  • Make sure the student has some objectives in the Assigned or Ready to Work state. These are the objectives for which practices can be generated; if there are no objectives like this, a practice cannot be generated.
  • If the marking period selected for the class has ended, a new practice will not be generated.

If the assignment was regenerated with different problems, and the student then answered questions from the original assignment, the correct answers to the original assignment would not be the same as those for the regenerated assignment. If this is what happened, rescore the assignment using the answers from the new copy.

If you are not sure whether the student completed the original assignment or a regenerated copy, compare the student's assignment to the one you can see in the software. To see the regenerated assignment, click the student's name in the Assignment Book; then, on the Student Detail page, find the assignment in the list of scored assignments, and click View in the row for that assignment.

This happens when the student mastered the objectives for another class. The reports are only including data from the class you are reporting on. You can do one of two things:

  • You can transfer the student's data from the previous class into the current one if the student is no longer enrolled in the previous class.
  • If you would rather have the student start over on the objective, you can reset the objective, but note that all previous work on the objective will be lost.
  • Check your version of Adobe Reader - version 9.0 or higher is needed. The TOPS Report may not print if you have an older version.
  • If you have just installed Adobe Reader, an alert asking you to accept the license agreement may be hidden behind another window. You must accept this agreement before using Adobe Reader (and before TOPS Reports will print).
  • Adobe Reader errors or update popups can also prevent the TOPS Report from printing.
  • If the printer has errors or is in offline mode, the TOPS Report will not print.

Possible solutions:

  • The teacher has
    • changed which objective list is assigned to the class, and the objective on the assignment is not in the new list, or
    • removed the objective that is on the assignment from the objective list that the class is using.

    When this happens, the objective will be numbered "0" on the TOPS Report. View the objectives in the list to confirm this.

  • The objective may have been reset after the assignment was generated and before it was scored. Delete the outstanding assignment so the student can start over with the objective.
  • The teacher may have been unassigned from the school after the assignment was generated and before it was scored. Reassign the teacher to the school.
  • The teacher may have been removed from the class after the assignment was generated and before it was scored. Reassign the teacher to the class, or assign a new teacher. You may also transfer the student's data to a new class.
  • The class may have been edited, and the marking period for the class was changed after the assignment was generated and before it was scored. Try selecting the entire school year as the marking period for the class.

If your students use both practices and exercises, the TOPS Report includes both in the score (see the footnote on the report), while the Diagnostic Report shows separate scores for practices and exercises.