Transferring Student Data from One Class to Another

Follow the steps below to transfer student data about Accelerated Math assignments from one class to another. Before you do this, you must unenroll the students from the original class and enroll the students in the new class. You must transfer data after importing students to ensure that their assignment data will be available in reports.

Keep in mind that the data you transfer will only be visible on pages for the new class if the new class is using the same objectives as the old. Data from the old class will only be included in reports for the new class if it falls within the timeframe (marking period) for the new class.

You can transfer student data in either a class Assignment Book or a class Extended Response page. Both Assignment Book data and Extended Response data will be transferred no matter which location you start from.

You can transfer all of the student's work from the original class - work for the class as a whole and work for groups in the original class. However, all of the work is transferred into the new class as a whole, not into groups in the new class. If a student worked on some objectives in a group in the original class, and the same objectives are used for a group in the new class, the results of the past work will not be transferred into the group, but the status of the objectives will reflect the past work.

Example 1: Suppose Andrew mastered Grade 3 objectives 1-10 for Group A in Mr. Brown's class. He is transferred to Mrs. Smith's class and put in the Advanced Group, which is also using the Grade 3 objectives. Objectives 1-10 will still be shown as mastered, but you won't see the results of past work in reports for Mrs. Smith's class or the Advanced Group.

Example 2: Suppose Johanna mastered Grade 2 objectives 1-25 for Group B in Mr. Brown's class. She is transferred to Mrs. Smith's class. Mrs. Smith's class as a whole is using the Grade 2 objective list. Objectives 1-25 are shown as mastered for Johanna, and you can see the results of past work in reports for Mrs. Smith's class.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. Go to the Assignment Book or go to the Extended Response page. Choose the school and/or class that you need to transfer data to.
  2. Check the box next to each student that needs data transferred. If you want to select all students in this class, check the box next to Student at the top of the list.
  3. On the left side of the page, you will see a list of links. Click Transfer Student Data in this list.
  4. The Transfer Student Data page will appear. This page will show you which students have data that can be transferred into this class. For students who have transferable data, the page will also show the original class name.
  5. To continue transferring the data, click Transfer. If you decide not to transfer the data, click Cancel instead.