Scoring Paper Practices, Exercises, Tests, and Diagnostic Tests

Online assignments are scored automatically as students complete them in the software. For paper assignments, teachers or students have many scoring options:

  • If students enter their answers on a scan card, the student or teacher can insert the card into an AccelScan scanner for automatic scoring. The Scoring Preference determines whether students can score their own exercises and tests in the AccelScan software's Student Mode.

  • Students can log in to the software and select their answer for each problem on their paper assignments.

    If Renaissance Home Connect is available, students may also be able to score practices and exercises from home when they open Accelerated Math from within Renaissance Home Connect. The class Renaissance Home Connect Preference sets whether scoring from home is allowed. (Renaissance Home Connect and the Renaissance Home Connect Preference are not available for all schools or districts.)

  • Teachers can score assignments in the Accelerated Math software by manually entering students' answers.

Assisted-response (multiple-choice) assignments can be scored using any of the methods. If you choose free-response problems, students will not be able to score their own assignments by scanning within the AccelScan software's Student Mode; however, teachers can mark "A" for correct answers and "B" for incorrect answers on the scan cards and scan them when the software is not in Student Mode. Free-response assignments can also be scored by keyboard entry.

After you score a paper assignment, Accelerated Math automatically generates a TOPS Report. Be sure you review this with your student. You can rescore paper assignments if necessary.

How would you like to score the paper assignment?

By using a scanner

By asking students to enter their answers in the software

By having teachers enter the answers at the keyboard