Rescoring Paper Assignments in the Assignment Book

Follow these steps to rescore students' paper assignments manually. (Online assignments cannot be rescored.)

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps. On the next page, select the green Accelerated Math tile (shown below); then, select Assignment Book.

    The Assignment Book lists the students who are in one class. The class name is shown above the list of students. If you have access to more than one Accelerated Math school, use the School drop-down list to choose the school for which you want to view a class Assignment Book. If you have more than one class, and you want to select a different class, click the Class drop-down list and select the class name. If you need to rescore assignments done for a specific group, select the group from the Group drop-down list.

  2. You can rescore paper assignments in one of two ways:
    • You can click Keyboard Score in the list of links on the left side of the Assignment Book. Then, on the Keyboard Score page, enter the student's form number (printed on the assignment) and click Rescore. The Rescore page will appear next. This page lists the assignments that used the form number you entered. Using the dates and problem numbers, identify the assignment number that you want to rescore and click Rescore in the row for that assignment.
    • You can click the student's name in the Assignment Book. Then, on the Student Detail page, in the list of recent of assignments, click Rescore in the row for the paper assignment that needs to be rescored. (If you need to see the student's assignments for a different group, use the Group drop-down list to select the group.)
  3. The Keyboard Score page will list the problem numbers that appeared on the assignment. To rescore the assignment, enter the student's answers for each problem (if the problems were assisted-response/multiple-choice), or choose Correct or Incorrect (if the problems were free-response).
  4. If the assignment has many problems, they may not all be listed on the first page; if so, click to go to the next page of problems, or to go back. (You can also click to go to the last page of problems or to go to the first page of problems.)

  5. When you have entered answers or chosen Correct or Incorrect for all problems on the assignment, click Save. The assignment will be rescored, and a new TOPS Report will be generated.