How Students View Worked Examples in Renaissance Home Connect

If your subscription includes access to Renaissance Home Connect, students follow these steps to view worked examples in Renaissance Home Connect. Worked examples show the student the steps required to solve a sample problem and the answer. Some objectives have worked examples available, and some do not.

  1. In a web browser, the student goes to the address provided by the teacher or school. This address is available in the informational letter that teachers or administrators can print from their Home page. The student enters his or her user name and password and clicks Log In.

  2. If the student wants to see the user interface in Spanish, the student clicks EspaƱol in the upper-right corner of the screen. Note that the objective names and the text of the worked examples will remain in English.
  3. On the math tab in Renaissance Home Connect, on the Accelerated Math tab, the student clicks View (or Ver) under Worked Examples (Ejemplos Trabajados).
  4. The Worked Examples page shows the objectives from the student's last practice, but the student can use the View (or Ver) drop-down list to choose whether to see objectives from his or her practices, exercises, or tests, from objectives the student has mastered, or from all objectives. If the student is in one or more groups, the student can use the Group drop-down list to choose to see objectives or worked examples for a group or the class.
  5. If another drop-down list is available, the student can use it to choose between the last or current practice or exercise, the last test, or objectives that are ready to test. (The options available in the second drop-down list depend on what the student chooses in the first one.)

  6. After choosing the objectives to view, the student clicks an objective to see a worked example. Not all objectives have worked examples; only objective names that are links have them.
  7. The next page shows the worked example.
  8. If the student wants to print or save it, the student clicks Print or Save (or Imprimir o Guardar). The worked example will appear in Adobe Reader or in another PDF reader within the browser window or in a separate window. The student can print or save it.

  9. The student clicks Done (or Listo) when he or she has finished.