Extended Response Student Record Report

The Extended Response Student Record Report shows a history of each student's work on Extended Response assignments. It includes this information:

  • Objective: The objective for each Extended Response assignment.
  • Answer: The student's score for the answer to the problem. The score shows the number of points the student earned and the number of possible points. For example, if the score shows 1 / 2, the student earned 1 of 2 possible points.
  • Strategy: The score for the strategy that the student used to solve the problem.
  • Understanding: The score for the understanding that the student demonstrated while solving the problem.
  • Total: The student's total score for each assignment, both in points and percentage.
  • Date Completed: The date on which the teacher scored each assignment.

For each student, the report also shows overall scores for answers, strategy, and understanding on Extended Response assignments as well as the student's total overall score.

The report ends with a summary of the scores for the class and for all students on the report.

When you print this report, you can choose the classes or students you want to include, the reporting parameter group, and the date range to include (predefined or custom). You can also limit the number of objectives and add a page break after each student. When you limit the number of objectives, only the most recent objectives are included; you specify the number of objectives to include. You can also choose to print the options you've chosen on the report itself.