Assigning Students to Teams

Follow the instructions below to add students to teams or change the students assigned to a team. Before you do this, you must add team sets and add teams. Please note that if you create teams from classes taught by different teachers, those teachers may not see the complete team data on the team reports.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, select Other Math & Reading Apps. On the next page, select the green Accelerated Math tile (shown below); then, select Teams & Goals.

    The Teams and Goals page will appear. If you have access to more than one school, use the School drop-down list to select the school whose teams you want to set up.

    The Teams & Goals page lists the team sets that have been added so far.

  2. Click Manage Teams in the row for the team set that you are using.
  3. The Manage Teams page will open next. This page lists the teams that are part of the team set you selected. At this page, you can have the program divide your students among teams, you can manually add students to and delete students from teams, or you can change the teams that students are assigned to. Click the link for the task that you would like to complete to see the remaining steps:

  1. Click Auto Team Select.
  2. If there are no students in your teams, the program will notify you. Click OK in this message; then, at the Select Classes page, check the box next to each class that you want to include in the teams. When you have finished, click Done.
  3. The program will take you to the Change Enrollment page, where your students will be listed. Each student will be assigned to one of the teams in the set you selected. If you want to change the team assignment for a student, you can click the new team drop-down list for that student and choose a different team name. (If you make changes, click Save.) Click Done.
  1. On the Manage Teams page, click Add/Remove Students in the row for the team that needs members added or removed.
  2. The Add/Remove Students page will list the students who are on the team you selected.
  3. To remove a student from the team, click Remove for that student. You can remove all students from the team by clicking Remove All at the top of the list.

    To add a new student, you must search for the student first. To find a specific student, enter all or part of the student's first name, last name, and/or ID. To find a group of students, you can select the grade and/or class. To see a list of all students in your school, leave the fields empty. Click Search. In the search results below the button, check the box for each student who should be assigned to this team. (Note: Students in more than one class will be listed more than once.) Then, click < Add above the checklist. The students you selected will be added to the list on the left side of the screen.

  4. Click Save to save your changes. You will return to the Manage Teams page.
  1. Click Change Enrollment on the Manage Teams page. The Change Enrollment page lists the students on teams. By default, the list will include all teams. To narrow the list to one team, click the Team drop-down list and choose the team name.
  2. To change a student's team enrollment, click the drop-down list in the row for that student and choose a different team.
  3. When you have finished making your changes, click Save.
  4. Click Done. You will return to the Manage Teams page.